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Demum: The Remnant
   The air was frosted, burning,
rough. It attempted to displace and distort him, attempted to weaken and shut
him down. It however, did no such thing. It was there to cause sleep, but it
was not working. It was actually awakening him. Loud, harsh hissing became
constant, with the backdraft of even colder air rushing across his body. It all
was disorienting, even behind closed eyes. There was no way he could stay
awake, even open his senses. Effectively useless was he, with no apparent
escape from this cycle of cold mixed with nothing.
   There was an explainable reason for
why this began and would not end. It became abundantly clear that he was indeed
awake, without a chance to actually be awake. His senses did return, however in
a rush of hurtful plenty, bleeding into his very soul. With his eyes opening druggedly, the cold frosted over his eyes, but their own
warmth basked over the icy sheens and melted away the layers on his face. He
saw the glass, the
:iconjederc:JederC 3 0
Stoner63E5p Bloody by JederC Stoner63E5p Bloody :iconjederc:JederC 2 0 MAC-10 Reflex Sight by JederC MAC-10 Reflex Sight :iconjederc:JederC 2 0 Mass Effect - 2 of Diamonds by JederC Mass Effect - 2 of Diamonds :iconjederc:JederC 0 0 Mass Effect - 2 of Clubs by JederC Mass Effect - 2 of Clubs :iconjederc:JederC 0 0 Mass Effect - 2 of Spades by JederC Mass Effect - 2 of Spades :iconjederc:JederC 0 0 M1A1 Rangers' Custom by JederC M1A1 Rangers' Custom :iconjederc:JederC 6 0 Five-seveN Automatic by JederC Five-seveN Automatic :iconjederc:JederC 6 2
      Illuim had never felt colder. The Normandy sat
silently in the docking bay as the crew exited quietly. Shepard and his men
were finally about to meet their separate paths and lead their own lives once
more. They had completed their duties and served abroad; they now owed nothing
to Cerberus, and could live normally for the first time in a long time, if not
for the first time in their existence. Shepard had no feeling. Others did, and
he was ready to say goodbye, hoping that they would be able to as well.
      The lively spaceport they had docked with was now
winding down; merchants were closing shop for the evening, traffic was drifting
apart, and not as many people strolled about as they had in the past few
minutes. It mattered not, however, as the crewmen chose a secluded transport
hub to say their goodbyes. Privacy did not matter, but publicity did. Shepard
did not want a scene to be started, in case a
:iconjederc:JederC 10 6
Barrett M95 Stalker Darkened by JederC Barrett M95 Stalker Darkened :iconjederc:JederC 1 0 Hunter Industries M5 Desert by JederC Hunter Industries M5 Desert :iconjederc:JederC 0 1



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With Demum nearing completion for release to the Deviants, I offer commissions for artists active on the site who need a literary piece for their work characters or art. These are free and will be completed within a week. For browsers, inactive artists, and any non-members, purchased commissions can be done also. Longer periods of time will be needed for them.

Message me for details.


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